Business Launches New Service Template


{New Service} Coming from {Company/Corporation}


{City, State}{Company/Corporation} will be turning the {industry} world on its head with the launch of {new service}, a new service that {description of what service will do, such as stream video, offer a new gaming platform, etc.}. When {new service} starts up on {date}, {specific target audience} won’t know what hit it.

{New service} will be {an exciting addition to the industry, the first of its kind, etc.}, and will offer {more details on what, exactly, this new service will do}.

{More details about this service, perhaps including pricing tiers, available upgrades, any special offers etc.}

{Possible quote from someone related to the service, or from a critic or early adopter who has used the service and loved it}.

{Boilerplate about company, service and/or any prominent individuals involved in the release of this new service}.

Contact Information:

{Contact person and his/her info}