Business Launches Subsidiary


{Company} Launches New Chain to Fill Niche


{City, State, Date} – The {subject} niche has been open and waiting for years, and {Company,} the {makers/providers} of {product/service} is preparing to fill it with {Chain name.} The new company will focus on {brief description of products/services.}  

Spokesperson {Name} expressed enthusiasm about the new launch on {date}, stating {Quotation from spokesperson about the new company, what’s great about it and what it will provide.}

The company is set to open for business on {date} at {location,} although {Name} has acknowledged a {number} year plan to expand locations to {cities or states.}

{Quotation from customer voicing excitement over having new product/service close at hand.}


{Boilerplate description of founding company and how they are expanding.}

Contact Information:

{Company Name}
{Contact person and his/her info}

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