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3 June 2016

Accountants Slow To Adopt Tech Advances


Brisbane, Queensland – A global survey conducted by Gollop Marketing has revealed that advancing technologies are not central to successful accounting in 20xx. Despite the introduction of bots and artificial intelligence to simplify and improve the accounting experience, Australian accountants have no immediate plans to adopt these technologies.

The research shows that despite popular thought, new innovations are losing out to tried and tested methods. New technology is not top of mind for today’s accountants and there’s a clear disconnect between what is available and what is being implemented.

Sam Pool, Managing Director for Gollop Marketing says, “The role of the accountant continues to evolve becoming more varied and more complex. As a company committed to driving innovation within the industry, we intend to use the findings from this research to inform how we work alongside our clients and ensure that we’re providing them with the guidance and technology they need to run their businesses effectively.”

“This survey has brought to light some alarming statistics which we intend to capitalize on” Pool said.


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