Melbourne based blogger and mum of four Jessica hood has opened up about her dramatic weightloss transformation and the impact its had on her sex life.

Jessica hood, 32 recently shared her dramatic weightloss transformation on her instagram page ” houseofhoods_” revealing she had lost a staggering 25kg in just 4 months!.

Jessica shared unrecognisable images of herself in activewear to her 53k following while sharing her simple dieting tips and changes she made to her lifestyle.

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What im doing / eating – 25kg down. SWIPE ACROSS The biggest question I get asked at the moment. Since end of may/ June I have lost 25kgs. Here is what I did to lose it!….. – removed sugary drinks. This for me was a major change and probably the thing that has impacted my weight loss. I went from drinking 2litres of coke to none. If I want soft drink I drink Pepsi Max now instead. – stopped MOST take away. I don't eat fish n chips or pizza. However I still have Maccas occasionally . I swapped my double qrt pounder meal for a mcchicken burger and 6 nuggets – goodbye blocks of chocolate. I swapped blocks of chocolate and bags of lollies for the mini freddo frogs and snack chocolates. These are treats I have 1-3 times a week depends how I am feeling – I gave up alcohol. No replacement here however If an event or celebration comes up I will still have a few. – carbs. I still eat them! But insteqd of huge bowls of pasta and going back for seconds, I have half a bowl usually of spaghetti bolengse… Lots of veggies in it! Carrots, Mushrooms, zucchini, onions etc. Don't really eat potato's anymore but I was never big on them anyway. Same applys to rice as pasta. Breakfast – eggs, weetbix or an up n go Lunches – eggs, chicken wraps or toasties! ( still eat bread) Dinners – small portions of pasta loaded with veg, chicken or Turkey rissoles, or portion Controlled meals of any kind! The key to my weightloss was never feeling like I am missing out or deprived. Extras – skim milk in my teas and coffees, sweetener, apples, cake bars or a freddo, SAKATAS , even those snack size twisties! Things I completely removed but do not miss – coke, donuts, large portions, sugary juices, pizza. Exercise – usually lots of walking, weights 3-5kgs, squats. Pumping the music and dancing around with the kids! – Remember to focus on Ur biggest weakness. We all have one! It's the food/ drink we go over board with! Don't over do it, don't go cold turkey slowly cut down to eliminate . Small changes equal big results! Calories in vs calories out. This isnt a fad diet or a quick fix. I found this the most suitable for me because it's more of a lifestyle change. You never miss out! 🙂

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In a follow up post, Jessica spoke openly about the impact her weightloss has had on her sex life.

“25kg down and I feel like I am 25 again”.

” reset and reboot, it’s like the honeymoon stage all over again”.

Jessica went viral earlier this year after she shared a post revealing she hadnt let her husband see her naked in 6 years. She admitted that “she was afraid that he would be disgusted at her post baby body ” and revealed that they “only had sex in the dark.”

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I WONT LET MY HUSBAND SEE ME NAKED. It’s been 6 years. From the moment my first born arrived my body has been covered in front of my husband . I’m confident but not with my husband. It creates this awkwardness between us but I’m afraid. I’m afraid he will see me and run away. I’m afraid he will be disgusted and be turned off . I’m afraid everything he thought I was would disappear. I know it hurts him and although I feel like I’m accepting my body more and more everyday, I’m afraid he won’t accept it. It’s not him though it’s me. He tells me all the time he doesn’t care but what if it’s different when he actually sees me? All of me? My saggy tummy , my stretch marks , my cellulite , my rolls. I’m not the girl I was went we first met , in fact I’m not a girl at all , I’m a women. A women who lost herself when she became a mother. Her identity. Her sparkle. Her once toned physique. I’m Afraid of letting my guard down. I’m afraid of feeling vulnerable. We only have sex in the dark , if it’s during the day my clothes are on. We never shower together. I never get dressed in front of him. I won’t even swim in front of him. I even won’t let him see the images of me on Instagram. It’s more than just sexual , it’s everyday life. It hurts me I that I feel this way. I hate him touching my stomach, even brushing against my stomach makes me anxious. I hate that I got like this. I hate that the cruel world we live in has given me false ideas and even though deep down he sees through all of my flaws , my fears and my anxiety take over. I’m a confident women just not with him and it hurts him. I know it does And I’m sorry. i know this feeling is too common . As a woman. As a mother. As we age . As gravity takes over . As the wrinkle begin to cover our skin. As the relationship settles in and the honeymoon fades. Our body’s go through so much. Especially having children. I never thought I would be 25kgs heavier after children. The physical changes and mental changes start blending into one. The fear is real and it’s scary. But I don’t wanna feel this way forever. He deserves me. All of me . Just give me time. One day you will get all of me.

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Jessica shared in her rauchy post that their sex life has changed dramatically and joked that she now flaunts her new body infront of her husband like a Victoria’s secret model.

” there is lingerie, passion and the missionary position has taken a back seat”

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The Impact my weightloss has had on my sex life 😏. 25kg down and I feel like I am 25 again. Mentally, emotionally and sexually. Reset and reboot it's like the honeymoon faze all over again. Fireworks and all. You know in anchorman when Ron burgundy and veronica corningstone have sex for the first time, the glorious rainbow and she yells "DO ME ON IT?" it's kind of like that except there is no rainbow and we're still having to schedule our love making around the kids. Still it's pretty hot!. I can say that my weightloss has impacted my sex life dramatically. Despite my love for Karl, for whatever reason I couldnt open up to Karl, he hadnt seen me naked for well over 6 years . The lights were off and it was more like a task than an act of passion and love. I thought it was simply because we had been together for 8 years and our lives were consumed with play dates and nappy changing. The real issue was my lack of confidence in front of husband, my best friend. To everyone around me my weight didn't bother me but for whatever reason I thought the body that carried my kids would of turned him off. So down to the nitty gritty, how has my weight loss effected my sex life? The lights are on and I am finally home!. Back to where it all began. I flaunt my body in front of Karl like a Victoria's secret model. There is lingerie, passion and the old missionary position has taken a back seat. I'm energetic, confident and usually the one chasing after karl now which he loves! . I replaced donuts with dick and sugar with sultry sex 😂. My weightloss has given me a positive outlook in all areas in my life. Of course it has is down falls to, and by down falls I because my boobs hang lower than my knees and I have more skin on my belly than a sharpei. That's the things about dramatic weight loss though, it's more than just how you look on the outside, mentally it changes your life, probably more than physically. It changes your perception on everything, it can take you place you were once held back from. Let me just finish by telling you these days while I am into exercise the most exercise I am getting is with my husband…. The fun kind! I feel alive. Saggy boobs and all.

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Jessica also touched on the down side to losing a large amount of weight saying ” her boobs now hanging lower than her knees and her stomach has more skin than a sharpei”.

She finished off by saying that it’s more than just about how you look on the outside, mentally it changes your life, it changes your perception on everything, it can take you places you were once held back from ”

Jessica hood is known for her raw, uplifting, and realistic approach to parenting and marriage on her instagram blog” houseofhoods_ “.