Since the Covid 19 pandemic began, the Private investigator industry has been frustrated that hundreds of trained investigators across Australia are being ignored in favour of Government and ADF employees, many of whom have little to no investigation and/or compliance experience.

Adrian Francis of ASSI Investigations said “We have been running self funded operations since the pandemic began and identifying serious matters of concern that no one else is looking at with hours of video evidence that would shock the general public but no one wants to talk to us”

Investigators spend hours everyday locating missing persons, investigating breaches of compliance and running proactive surveillance operations yet these skills are again being overlooked

Mr Francis goes on the explain that the government and Police are working on a reactive model of compliance to Covid-19 whereas the Private Investigation industry has been attempting to assist the authorities by working on a Proactive model for many months to assist in reducing infections but no one is actually listening to what we are finding.

Countless hours of video have been obtained of serious Covid 19 incidents occurring including but not limited to.

1. Serious breaches of staff hygiene compliance at both St Basils and Epping Gardens Aged Care homes.
2. The use of non-lock down hotels to house aged care workers who are mixing with the general public.
3. The possible exposure of international flight crews to aged care home staff.
4. Serious breaches of hygiene in Stage 4 lockdown food distribution markets
5. Breaches concerning the storage and transport of medical waste for contaminated Covid-19 sites.
6. ADF tents set up at at aged care homes but never used seeming to be more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

Mr Francis said “We were looking at the security guard quarantine issues in Melbourne before it went public and observed some questionable practices by Police at border crossings prior to the lockdowns but unless your are attached to a government agency with the right contacts no one seems to be interested”