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Say NO to media monopoly
Thursday 5th 2020
The Communist party of Australia stands against the Murdoch media monopoly in Australia.

“It condemns the anti-worker and anti-communist propaganda and misinformation campaign spread by the Murdoch press”; said Andrew Irving, General Secretary of the CPA.

The CPA welcomes and supports the campaign by Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to challenge the pernicious influence of Rupert Murdoch using his Media Empire to attack Australian Democracy.

Murdoch is the representative of the most reactionary Billionaires and the Imperialist war making of the USA and British Capital.

The Murdoch press promotes the most reactionary and ideologically driven organisations such as the National Civic Council and lately One Nation and Family first. “They use this sponsorship to infect all the political parties and some of the trade Unions with reactionary politics” explains Mr Irving.

The examples of this include the rise of Tony Abbott and the direct manipulation of Mark Latham along with many others in the political life of this country.

It is in the interest of the Australian people to oppose media monopoly and the negative impacts of this reactionary influence. “All parties of democracy have an interest in driving out this obstacle to democracy” concluded Mr Irving.

We support the call for an inquiry into the use of finances to exact political interference from this foreign billionaire.

The monopoly ignores the issues that should be tackled such as Climate Change and attacks on workers’ rights concentrating on spreading racism and bigotry.

100 years of being true to the working class – for workers’ rights, for peace, for good housing and against racism. We fight for Socialism!
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