PRESS RELEASE: The Real Daniel’s Donuts Returns

Daniel’s Donuts is back where it all started, with Daniel returning to his original family bakery at Hogan’s Corner in Hoppers Crossing.

It’s been 8 years but, since 1 September 2022, residents of the western suburbs (including our wonderful customers that used to frequent the store) have been able to delight in the donuts we’re famous for!

The newest (and original) Daniel’s Donuts store opened to once again offer Daniel’s Donuts fans the delicious range of donuts they love to queue for.

To celebrate the grand opening and Daniel’s Donuts returning to its family roots, we are giving away 100 FREE Donuts daily for 2 weeks at our Hogan’s Corner store. Register at to find out dates and times.


From small beginnings, when he baked donuts in his parents’ bakery at Hogan’s Corner whilst he was still in primary school, Daniel started a craze for donuts by introducing the famous hazelnut donut, selling thousands of donuts a day (using 2.4 tonnes of hazelnut spread a week) making it the busiest bakery in the western suburbs.

Daniel sold Daniel’s Bakery to open his flagship store, Daniel’s Donuts in Springvale, in 2016 where he continued the trend of introducing new flavours and standing out from the crowd with 24/7 operating hours. Daniel’s Donuts now sell over 50 different flavoured donuts, including Vegan and Gluten Free donuts.

Daniel’s Donuts recently bought back the Hogan’s Corner store to add to the list of 25 other sites around Victoria. The business is growing at a rapid pace with 15 more stores to open by the end of the year, including at Melbourne Airport and Southern Cross Station.

As well as donuts, Daniel’s Donuts sell pies, coffee, milkshakes, cakes and more.

Opening hours of the Hogan’s Corner store are Monday to Sunday, from 5am to midnight.

To see more store locations, please visit

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Daniel’s Donuts has become the number one destination for anyone looking for delicious donuts, pies, milkshakes and more. With over 50 different donut flavours to choose from, we have a little something for everyone, including vegan and gluten free options. If you haven't tried our mouth-watering products already, order now for donuts (and more) delivered to your door today. Just be warned… once you take that first bite, you’ll be hooked! Daniel’s Donuts, love at first bite.