PRESS RELEASE: Federation Party Northern Territory Calls on All Candidates and Parties to commit to supporting the Iron Boomerang Rail/Steel Project and the Next NT Government to commit $24 Million of NT Government Bonds to the Seed funding of the $100 Billion+ Project.

Federation Party Northern Territory Calls on All Candidates and Parties to commit to supporting the Iron Boomerang Rail/Steel Project and the Next NT Government to commit $24 Million of NT Government Bonds to the Seed funding of the $100 Billion+ Project.

Federation Party Northern Territory Chairman and Alice Springs Town Councillor, Eli Melky and all the Federation Party NT Candidates are calling on every other Candidate and Party involved with the current NT Election to, if elected, support the project for the best interest of the Northern Territory, which will include the need to commit the next NT Government to providing funding support in the form of USD $24 million of NT Government Bonds for 10 years.

Eli Melky said “That while all other parties talk about the current and dire future economic position of the Northern Territory, with limited solutions that may ultimately add to a growing future debt, the Federation Party Northern Territory is announcing its support for one of the most exciting infrastructure projects the nation has known since the Snowy Hydro and Sydney Harbour Bridge projects. We call all candidates and Parties to also support this NT Economy saving Project”

“The NT Federation Party Candidates and the Broader Federation Party Leadership Nationally are so excited about the economic and jobs prospects of this project for the NT and all its people. The additional contribution to the broader Australian and International prospects are enormous at this time. This project, that is centred on the Northern Territory, will provide a positive economic and jobs outcome for all of Australia.” He says

At this time there is the opportunity for the next Northern Territory Government to take hold of this project and lead the call Nationally for it to become a reality as soon as possible. The Governments of Queensland and Western Australia need to come together with the Northern Territory Government to ensure that the current Federal Government doesn’t drop the ball on this opportunity, that single handily could pay off the entire COVID 19 Debt in the next 10-15 years

Mr Melky went on to say, “action on significant and real projects like this is needed to turn around the financial woes of the Northern Territory”

With a financially viable Northern Territory, we can ultimately grow our population and increase the opportunity for more Australians to make the move and enjoy the Territory. Who knows the Territory may even be able to vie to become a State, retaining the Territory way of life with the advantages of being a State.

Key PIB Broad Economic & Social Advantages for the NT Economy and its People:

1. PIB’s Multi-Purpose User 42t axle WBP HH Rail Corridor – Offer immediate and future huge long-term NT Economic Benefits.
1) Rail Survey & Geo Tec Rail 200-300 NT jobs at peak.
2) Construction 1,600 km’s Rail 3-4,000 Jobs at peak.
1/PIB Services on HH Rail Corridor
2/ PIB Communications Licence for Fibre Optic Cable
3/ Provision for Water & Gas Pipelines
3) NT Regional areas – Key Towns of Ti-Tee, Yuendumu & Utopia and close major regional centres via the Darwin to Alice Springs N/S Rail and Stuart Highway of Tennant Creek 300km and Alice Springs “directly” accessing/connecting & benefiting from the PIB Rail activity.
❑ Tennant Creek 300km S to Ti-Tree could become a key mining services hub town via the Stuart Highway and/or use a service special train on the compatible standard gauge rail via the Darwin to Alice Springs rail line for the expected multiple mine and resource developments springing off the PIB HH Rail E/W corridor.
❑ The PIB Rail will also connect on a N Standard Gauge upgraded spur line to the Mt Isa mining hub in N-QLD with direct rail links to.
❑ Alice Springs 200km N to Ti-Tree as the key regional city administration and services centre.

2. PIB HH Rail Infrastructure Resource Development for existing, stranded and remote Mines, General Goods & Services, Fuels, Fertilisers etc., Livestock & Agricultural Produce trains to Markets, Remote Tourism & Passenger Trains (E-W “Central India Pacific” Ghan?).

3. NT Rail & Environmental Maintenance Jobs and Connections Services offer improved Communications for Remote Aboriginal Central Australian Communities in WA NT & Qld. (prepare and train up programs drafts in place). NT as a first HH Standard Rail Connections both E-W to both WA and to QLD and N-S to Adelaide and Darwin directly complements and strengthens Australia’s Defence logistics planning and infrastructures.
❑ Our First PIB CLC meeting on “How can we do permanent Business and become permanent regional neighbours” with the CLC was very positive and productive one, as evident in their email meeting response in calling PIB “a visionary project” and in developing the opportunity to connect with the remote eastern aboriginal NT & WA communities in particular!
❑ LNG/PIB New Fuel Supply Developments: Recent PIB HH Trains and LNG direct production supply developments and discussions have now firmed to produce LNG on the PIB rail corridor site at Ti-Tree NT for our PIB (world first) dedicated LNG Locomotive s major supply 10 year renewable contracts proposed to be signed NT Power Water Corp. This will be a major future supply contract to anchor this development in comparison to diesel fuels; as applicable now it offers a 50% reduction on PIB operating fuel costs ex production plant on-site rates, plus a 50% fuel emission reduction. This could be a world first for HH Rail Continental Trains. As a bonus NT road transport operators may plan and convert to LNG fuels at this key facility to the great social and economic cost benefit of all Territorians.

4. The Rail is a Multi-Purpose/Services Rail & Corridor WBP heavy haul HH 42t axle Rail for lower freight rates and lower best practice social and environmental service impacts. It will vastly improve and anchor the development economies of Northern Australia and that of Australia as a Nation. Example – AgForce Central QLD 2014 stated that potential 500k live cattle could be exported on the PIB E-W Rail via Darwin at 50% of Road transport cost and arrive in better condition.

5. Nation Building Rail Infrastructure and Freight Services: Forecast Economic Growth Benefits indicating 5-7% of National GDP!
Key Points for consideration:

Rail Construction Jobs NT: 3,000 to 4,000

Permanent NT Operations & Maint Rail Jobs: 200-300

Future jobs estimate in new Mines in 10 yrs?: 5,000 to 10,000

Rail & Rolling Stock investment in NT: $9 billion

Ti-Tree Rail Mtce Site + LNG Plant $300/400m

NT’s expected PIB Economic Benefit Annual Tax Revenue Share at a basic 10% = $2.3Bn py. Possible 15% at $3.45Bn py – A Potential. It is up to the NT to develop this business opportunity!

Major Growth and independence contributor to the NT Budget!

❑ NT LNG Ti-Tree NG Gas will provide PIB Investor Fuel Supply Security greatly improve our cost efficiencies and environment fuel use outcomes by + 40% on fuel cost saving and 50% lower CO2 outcomes.

❑ The NT will be the major beneficiary of many new resource mine developments from the PIB E/W HH Rail Service Corridor delivering NT Billions py in viable resources and Agro developments.

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Note Saul Eslake Speech contains a speech error -$140m which is correct in the submission should read USD $240m on PIB Bankable Approval Study

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Media contact: Eli Melky [email protected] / 0427 012 699